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St. Pete’s Saturday Morning Market

SThese days, we worry a lot about our food, trying to put the most delicious, nutritious, and pure stuff that we can get our hands on into our bodies. Everyone from grocery stores to Wal-Mart have made strides in providing better food, but there’s still no way to beat buying your produce and other goodies from local farmers and makers you know and trust.

That’s why the farmer’s market movement has taken off nationwide – they’re a great chance, not just to get fresh, farm-to-table goods, but to get to know the people who work hard to bring them to you. And in St. Pete, we happen to have one of the nation’s best farmer’s market in the Saturday Morning Market, right smack in the middle of downtown.
The Market first opened in 2002, and has won Creative Loafing’s Best of the Bay award for Best Farmer’s Market for five years running – that’s as long as the award has existed. The market is open from 9am-2pm every Saturday, with over 200 vendors. That includes not just small farms like ‘Little Pond Farm,’ but also handcrafted artisan chocolates, pastries, cheeses, and salsas, and ready-to-eat foods ranging from Ecuadoran to Thai.

Most of all, the Saturday Morning Market is an integral part of St. Pete’s community life. With thousands of attendees every week, it’s a great chance to people-watch and soak up the huge diversity of St. Petersburg residents. They also provide free tables for an array of local nonprofits, so it’s a great chance to learn about everything from the St. Pete Opera to the local blood bank (who have collected more than 500 units through the Market).

Food is fundamental to our lives, bringing us together and building community. In St. Pete, we take both our food and our community seriously – and St. Pete’s Saturday Morning Market is the epicenter of both.

To learn more, check out their ‘pretty great website.’